There is always the possibility of an accident happening as they can occur at any time.

If you are unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of an accident, that wasn't your fault, you may decide to make a claim against the person or company who is at fault.

Now if you are thinking of making a claim then you've probably read the 'How long will a claim take to process' section, which you can read above.

This page will discuss the stages your personal injury claim will go through when it is being processed by Edwards Hoyle.

Choosing a lawyer

So you've left the scene of the accident, taking a note of the other party's contact details or you have had an accident at work or whilst out and about and are considering whether to make a claim.

The first thing to do is to get good solid legal advice. At Edwards Hoyle we will provide this free of charge so you know before taking any further steps, whether your claim will be successful.


You've decided to use Edwards Hoyle and have told us about your accident and we have taken note of all the details.

We will investigate the accident circumstances and establish who in our opinion is to blame. This maybe apparent from our first conversation however sometimes it is necessary to obtain photographs, consider a plan or interview (over the telephone or face to face) a witness.

This doesn't normally take very long (a couple of days at the most) and we get in touch with you as soon as we've completed this stage.

Letter of claim

In roads traffic accident cases we will notify the defendant and their insurers using an internet portal system set up between all insurers and solicitors in April 2010. In accidents at work or other non road traffic accidents we must send a letter of claim.

The letter outlines all of the details regarding the accident and why we have come to the conclusion that it is their fault.

The defendant has to acknowledge this letter within 3 weeks and then has up to three months to investigate and either prove their innocence or admit liability.

Medical Examination

Next we will need to send you to an independent medical expert to find out the extent of your injuries. This will help us calculate the amount of compensation that you are entitled to which can include loss of earnings, medical treatment costs and any other expenses.


Once we have the medical report we will give you a detailed advice on any aspects of the claim that need attention, however if everything is complete we will recommend making an offer to settle the claim to the other side's insurers. We will agree a figure with you. Once we make this offer the other side has 21 days in which to respond.

Court proceedings

If we cannot reach agreement on who is to blame or on the appropriate level of compensation then we will, with your agreement, start court proceedings. This happens in a small percentage of all cases. Once proceedings start cases usually settle as the defendants insurers will often review the case with their solicitors and accept our arguments.

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