When your claim is handled by Edwards Hoyle you will receive 100% of the compensation you win. We do not deduct our normal fees or any success fee from your compensation as that is claimed from the party at fault.

How is the amount of compensation calculated?

Your medical report following your examination is very important in working out the size of your claim. The medical professional will ascertain the nature of your injuries and the length of time it is likely to take to make a full recovery, or indeed what symptoms you are likely to be left with if a full recovery is not possible. We then use existing case law and the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines to calculate the level of compensation you deserve.

How much might I receive?

The amount of a successful claim will be based on case history however we are confident that the amount we obtain on your behalf will be the maximum available.

The following information offers some figures that indicate how much a successful claim might be worth and is based on past claims. This varies according to the severity of the injury and the time it is likely to take to recover, if indeed full recovery is possible.

So for example a man who loses hearing completely in one ear might expect to receive as much as £30,000, while a simple fractured wrist might settle at £5,000. If however the fracture to the wrist was more severe and long terms complications persist then the award may be as much at £39,000.

A woman who suffers a very simple fractured ankle might win compensation around £9,000, while something really serious like the amputation of a hand might be compensated by as much as £72,000.

All the above figures are in addition to other losses for example medical fees and loss of past and future earnings.

When should I claim?

If you have had an accident or suffered damages through no fault of your own you should talk to Edwards Hoyle today. You must make a claim within three years of an incident other than in cases where it may take longer for symptoms to appear such as lung damage through working in an unsafe environment.

What should I do first?

Speak to us at Edwards Hoyle. Our no win no fee experts will assess your situation and advise how likely you are to be successful with a claim. If we feel there is a good likelihood of success we will accept your case and begin work on your behalf.

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