As pedestrians it is in our interest to take good care and attention, even when we have the right of way. Getting hit by a car or other vehicle, even a cyclist, will almost certainly leave the pedestrian worse off, and in many cases serious injuries can result.

If you are hit by a vehicle you should take their details if at all possible, along with those of anyone who witnesses the accident. If the vehicle doesn't stop try to take its registration.

As soon as you are able you should then arrange an appointment with a Personal Injury specialist at Edwards Hoyle to discuss claiming compensation for the accident. We will talk through the incident with you and determine whether the other party would appear to be at fault. If this is so we will offer to accept the case and pursue damages on your behalf on a no win no fee arrangement.

What happens when Edwards Hoyle agree to take on my claim?

When we agree to take on your case we will immediately take out what is called After The Event Insurance. This protects you against any costs should the claim not be successful. At the same time we contact the insurer of the party at fault, this is usually the insurer of the driver who hit you. Once they accept responsibility we will arrange a thorough medical check for you so that we can help you on your journey back to recovery.

If you have suffered broken bones or other injuries you may need physiotherapy to help you regain movement you may have lost, we will ensure that is sorted out for you and we'll take the worry of arranging such things from your shoulders.

If you have lost income because you have been unable to work following your accident we would also facto that in as a major element to your damages claim, as we will with anything that was damaged or broken like clothing or a phone.

Will I have to pay the solicitor's fees for my pedestrian road traffic accident?

With a no win no fee arrangement you have nothing to lose. If the case is successful you'll receive 100% of the compensation awarded to you as our fees will be claimed from the insurer of the party at fault. But even if we are not successful you will not be out of pocket as we will have protected you against that happening with After The Event Insurance.

How long will the claim take to process?

Personal injury claims often take a considerable amount of time to process, generally six months, but sometimes more. Working with our specialists at Edwards Hoyle you can be confident that we know how to proceed quickly and with your interests at heart. Our priority will be your health and wellbeing and we'll ensure you have the correct medical treatment to help you in the healing process and get your life back to normal.

If you have had a road traffic accident as a pedestrian you should call Edwards Hoyle today to make an appointment with one of our personal injury specialists.

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