The thrill of the open road can be irresistible, especially on two wheels with an amazingly powerful engine. Over the last 15 years the number of bikes on our roads with over 500cc engines has more than tripled, and we all know that even a 500 can out run pretty much any car on the road.

The downside of this is that bikers are so vulnerable. Travelling at high speed on two wheels over all but the best surfaces is quite a challenge. Debris and liquid spills, in particular diesel, just make it more dangerous, and that's before we even include other road users.

Although motorcyclists make up just 1% of road traffic, over 20% of road users involved in serious or fatal road traffic accidents are bikers.

Accidents result from a number of factors and often happen at junctions. Factors such as poor surfaces leading to loss of control certainly have an impact, but most accidents occur because other road users simply don't see the bike, even when paying a reasonable amount of attention. Using day lights and wearing higher visibility clothing helps, but nonetheless a biker will always present a much smaller profile than a car. This degree of visibility is termed conspicuity, because as a biker you can be less visible, or even inconspicuous compared to other focuses of attention.

The biker is most likely to sustain serious or fatal injuries in any crash involving other road users, yet in the majority of cases the person at fault in a motorbike accident has not been the biker. Fatalities usually result from head injuries, with arms and legs being damaged in many accidents too.

Even as a pillion passenger on a motor bike you are entitled to make a claim if you are involved in an accident that was not your fault, even if the person at fault was the rider of the bike.

What should you do if you have had a motorbike accident that was not your fault?

Your first consideration has to be your health and wellbeing. As soon as you are able you should consult a Personal Injury specialist lawyer to discuss making a claim for damages and injuries you have sustained. Our team are experts, you will be assigned a single point of contact, who will discuss your accident with you, and accept your case provided they consider it viable.

As soon as the party at fault, or their insurers, have accepted liability we will arrange a thorough medical inspection for you and arrange any treatment or physiotherapy that is recommended by the medical specialist.

What damages will Edwards Hoyle seek for my motorbike accident?

Your specialist at Edwards Hoyle will consider all areas in which your accident has impacted your life when compiling your claim. They will include the cost of repairing or replacing you bike, your clothing including helmet, leathers and anything else that has been damaged. They will also take into account any alternative arrangements you have needed to make such as hiring other transport until your bike is replaced and consider lost earnings from taking time off work.

Our team at Edwards Hoyle are experts and you will have an experienced Personal Injury claims lawyer working with you to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, with no risk of financial impact to you.

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