It's a great feeling to going for a ride on your bike. It's a healthy endeavour and since the British success at the Olympics there will be more people getting out on their bikes than we've seen in this country for many years.

The only trouble with cycling on the roads is that we're all rather vulnerable and if we are involved in a cycling accident we tend to come off worse than the other parties. Even a tumble when your front wheel goes down a badly fitted drain can tip you over the handle bars and you don't need to do it to be able to imagine how much that hurts.

An accident may result from a driver not paying attention, or even from poor road surfaces, but whatever happens you shouldn't suffer in silence.

What should I do if I have had a cycling accident?

As soon as you're able to you should get in touch with Edwards Hoyle and speak to our Road Traffic Accident specialists. We will discuss the situation that led to your accident, and provided we think you have a strong case, and then we will accept your case and act on your behalf.

What happens when you accept my claim for damages following a cycling accident?

We will pursue the party at fault and as soon as their insurer has accepted liability we will ensure you receive the right medical treatment, and do all we can to get your life back to normal.

What about my bike?

Whether your bike cost a hundred pounds, or several thousand pounds we will seek damages to cover the cost of its repair or replacement. It may be just a hobby or leisure activity for you, but it may be a vital mode of transport. Your clothing, helmet and other safety equipment will be accounted for as well.

Have you had days off work because of your accident?

If you have a cycling accident and the injuries that you sustain mean that you are unable to work for days, or longer, we will include loss of earnings in the claim we pursue for you.

Will pursuing damages cost me anything?

At Edwards Hoyle we work under a no win no fee arrangement. This means that even in the unlikely event that we are unsuccessful you will not incur any costs. Our fees are covered by an insurance we take out when we accept your case. If your case is successful then you will receive the full amount of damages awarded and in that situation our fees are charged to the party at fault.

Edwards Hoyle are accident claims experts. We do not get involved in other areas of the law as we believe our clients deserve the fastest most efficient service. We are confident that we can deliver for you and make the whole claims process as smooth and worry free for you as possible.

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