Whiplash is a relatively modern term used to describe injuries that happen as a result of sudden strain to the neck and spine through hyper extension. Whiplash is most commonly caused by car accidents, and is the most claimed for car related injury. In particular whiplash results from being hit from behind when there is no protection to stop your head being thrown forward, and therefore considerable strain to your neck. Whiplash can also result from falls and so sometimes affects cyclists and horse riders. It can even happen on extreme adventure rides such as a roller coaster.

Discomfort from whiplash is usually felt immediately, but can take days to become evident. Sufferers report pain to the neck, head and back and can experience sensory disturbance such as pins and needles in the arms and legs. Fortunately in most cases the pain or discomfort goes away in a matter of days, but occasionally the affects are felt for months, and even years after the event that caused it.

What should I do if I have suffered whiplash?

If you have been hit from behind, or otherwise been injured and it has resulted in whiplash you should get in touch with us at Edwards Hoyle. We are Personal Injury claims specialists and our team have many years of experience handling claims like yours. If we believe you have strong grounds for a claim we will offer to accept your case and pursue the appropriate settlement on your behalf.

I thought it was OK at the time, but it still gives me pain, can I still claim?

Under normal circumstances you must make a claim within three years of the event. If your symptoms manifest themselves after this time your case will still be considered, although in the case of whiplash this may be difficult to prove. It is worth talking to us as soon as you can.

How much might a claim be worth?

The value of a claim depends completely on the individual circumstances. Everything will be taken into account including the degree of pain you are suffering, how that impacts your life and what changes you may need to make to accommodate the situation. If you have lost potential earnings as a result of the whiplash then we will include this in any claim we make. Also if your vehicle was damaged in the incident we'll include the cost of its repair or replacement.

All claims are considered against the report from the medical expert who examines you and using case history guidelines designed to make sure claims are fair.

How much will making my whiplash claim cost me?

Making a claim will not cost you a penny. Provided we accept your claim we will insure against you incurring any costs and provided we are successful you will receive 100% of any compensation we agree with the party at fault's insurers.

Edwards Hoyle are Personal Injury specialists. We don't do any thing else. We make the personal injury claims process quick and efficient taking the stress away and helping you get on with your life.

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