When visiting a shop or a supermarket you are owed a duty of care under the occupiers liability act to ensure that you are safe whilst visiting the premises.

A high number of accidents happen as a result of people slipping in supermarkets and shops. Whether it is because the floor has been mopped and not dried correctly or whether there has been a spillage of liquid or food that has not been identified and cleaned up. Leaking appliances such as fridges and freezers can also cause accidents.

If there is a wet floor, there must also be a yellow wet floor sign to highlight the danger and to warn people not to walk in the area. If there is no wet floor sign then you are likely to be successful in proving negligence against the supermarket / shop. In some instances a wet floor sign may have been put up but out of view and nowhere near the spillage, if this is the case it is also likely that you will have a successful claim for compensation against the shop / supermarket.

Accidents can also be caused by members of staff whether they are shelf stacking and drop goods onto you or whether they are collecting trolleys lose control and crash into you. Whilst this may be an accident on the part of the member of staff you can still pursue a successful claim against the shop as you have not been kept safe.

If you have eaten in the restaurant and have contracted food poisoning as a result of incorrectly cooked food you will also have a claim against them. You should seek medical attention straight away and your GP should diagnose food poisoning. We may also recommend that you contact your local environmental health department as they can investigate and help gather evidence particularly whether other customers have suffered similar symptoms.

WE aim to put to your mind at rest to by providing expert medical care and assistance as well as the maximum level of compensation as quickly as possible. Remember we do the work and you receive all the compensation.

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