We spend much of our lives on, or near the roads, whether as pedestrians, drivers, passengers, or maybe riding our bikes, and motorbikes. While road design and our vehicles themselves make ongoing progress towards creating a safer environment, this is often offset by the increase in numbers of vehicles and the distractions we all face.

Should I claim damages for a road traffic accident that wasn't my fault?

If you have been involved in an accident that wasn't your fault you should discuss the situation with a Personal Injury specialist. Making a claim can be a daunting prospect, but working with experts such as our Personal Injury team at Edwards Hoyle can make the process smooth and remove much of the stress. We will give you a free of charge assessment of your claim, accepting your case providing we believe your claim is likely to be successful.

What might the damages cover?

We take into consideration the full circumstances of your claim. We'll discuss whether you have sustained a personal injury, whether your property has been damaged, be that clothing, your vehicle, or maybe even your house should that have been hit by another vehicle. We will consider the impact the incident has had on your life, such as loss of earnings through needing time out of work, having to arrange alternative transport, or maybe even childcare. Once we are confident that we have included the full impact we'll then work with legally accepted guidelines to assess the potential claim.

No win no fee

At Edwards Hoyle we work to a no win no fee arrangement which guarantees that you will not be left out of pocket as the result of pursuing a claim. Even if your claim is unsuccessful you will not need to worry about any charges as we take out an insurance to cover our costs in the unlikely event that we don't win your case.

100% of the damages awarded to you as a result of your no fault accident

Not only do you not need to worry about charges, you can also be confident that 100% of any damages agreed will be paid direct to you. Edwards Hoyle's fees will be covered by the insurer of the party at fault.

As well as agreeing your damages we will ensure that you receive the medical attention you need to get you back on your feet quickly. This may involve ongoing physiotherapy or other attention that may not be available, or not available when you when you need it on the National Health, in which case we'll arrange private care for you. You should keep a record, and receipts, for any expenses you incur such as taxis or other travel costs.

Edwards Hoyle are Personal Injury claims specialists. This means our teams of experts can take away the stress of a claim, handling it quickly and efficiently.

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