When you visit premises such as hospitals, hotels, and restaurants, the owners of the property are responsible for ensuring that the premises are safe. Whilst you would hope to visit the premises and not come across a problem accidents do happen and if the accident was not your fault you may be able to claim compensation from the property owners or the company using the property.

Accidents in public places occur in many ways. Slips can occur in restaurants and cafes if food or liquid has been split on the floor and not cleaned up. If there is a wet floor, there must also be a wet floor sign to warn you of the danger. If there is no wet floor sign then you are likely to be successful in claiming compensation. In some instances a wet floor sign may have been put up but in a place where it cannot be seen and nowhere near the spillage. Again, such claims are likely to be successful.

It is not only the interior of the premises that must be made safe to visitors. Many injuries occur when people have tripped in the car park or have been injured on signs which are either not at the correct height or are damaged in some way.

Children in schools are also at risk of injury as many children trap their fingers in doors. In order to protect your child from an injury doors should be fitted with safety hinges which are now widely available which prevents them being able to trap their fingers and limits the risk of injury. If your child has been injured at school and no protective hinges have been used we will be able to help you make a claim for compensation on their behalf.

In a restaurant you can also suffer from burns and scalding if you are passed a hot plate or hot liquid is spilt onto you by a member of staff.

As the range of places from schools to hospitals to hotels and to restaurants varies widely so does the type of injuries - fractures, dislocations, burning, scalding. However we always remain focused on the client not just the compensation claim so your medical needs will be attended to in the shortest possible time frame. We also look after any legal costs at the same time so you get the best possible service free of charge.

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Mr Stone was very thorough in explaining details to me throughout this matter, making it easy to understand what was happening and how he was proceeding at all times...very professional and helpful.Mr Robert Charlton
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