In the same way that a pedestrian can be hit by a motor car an employee or contractor can be hit by a moving vehicle such as a car, fork lift truck, pump truck or lorry. Employers must make sure that all staff are correctly trained in using such equipment and such make every effort to limit the risk if injury to its employees. Delivery drivers or those using company cars can be injured due to a fault in the vehicles or the driving of colleagues or others. We will advise you free of charge.

The main causes of these types of accidents are employees being hit by a fork lift or pallet truck or the driver of the fork lift truck dropping their load onto another employee. Most accidents are caused by insufficient training although the area where the fork lift truck is being used can be a contributing factor if the surface is uneven or is full of pot holes or there is no designated walkway.

Anyone using a fork lift truck or a vehicle at work has to be specifically trained to use the vehicle. If an accident occurs and the employee hasn't had the correct training then your employers will be at fault and you will succeed in your claim for compensation against them.

An employee who is using a fork lift or pallet truck can also claim compensation if they haven't had the correct training or the truck is in any way defective. Whiplash injuries can also be caused by a forklift or pallet truck hitting a pot hole in a poorly maintained workplace.

To avoid accidents such as this an employer has a duty to make sure that all staff are sufficiently trained, carry out risk assessments and ensure that all work equipment is inspected and maintained on a regular basis.

The pain caused by Whiplash or other injuries can be severe and can make it difficult both to work and to concentrate. It therefore follows that getting approved physiotherapy treatment quickly is one of the keys to resolving this - something we have more than 15 years average experience of achieving at partner level.

You will not have to pay for your medical or legal costs. Please contact us by telephone or through the Contact Us form and we will explain how we can help you.

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