Repetitive strain injury or RSI as it is commonly referred to is a general term covering various musculoskeletal disorders. These may include conditions such as carpal tunnel where you experience pain, numbness or tingling in the wrist and hands. Tendinitis where the tendons become inflamed and uncomfortable. Tenosynovitis is similar, but affects the lining of the tendons.

RSI is becoming a more frequent complaint as a result of our changing ways of working and where more people are using keyboards for long periods of time creating stresses that our bodies in general are not used to. RSI can also resemble some sports injuries that result from repetitive stains to a particular muscle or tendon. Sitting all day at work in a less than ideal position can lead to posture related RSI, while use of vibrating machinery for longs periods often creates lasting discomfort for people.

Is Repetitive Strain Injury common?

If you are suffering from some kind of RSI you are far from alone, there are over half a million cases reported every year and many major cities have support groups to help and advise sufferers.

What should I do if I think I have RSI?

If an RSI is diagnosed and treated quickly, with appropriate action taken to avoid recurrence then you may avoid any long term affects. However if you do not act quickly it may lead to considerable discomfort, and even mean you have to take time off work to recover with potential impacts to your income or career.

You should bear in mind that RSI is a progressive problem and will get worse unless you act to remove or change the situation that has led to the problem.

Can I claim damages for RSI?

If you suffer RSI as a result of negligence by your employer then you may be able to claim compensation for the injury, and to cover the cost of any remedial medication or physiotherapy you need. If you have loss of earnings or need to employ help to carry on your life we will seek to recover those costs as well.

Proving RSI can be difficult and not all medical practitioners acknowledge the impact of RSI, but once your employer's insurers have accepted liability we will ensure you have the appropriate medical attention to help you towards a speedy recovery.

What should I do if I have RSI?

You must tell your employer that you believe that you have RSI. You must also consult your doctor and follow their advice. Next arrange an appointment with one of our workplace accident specialists. Our lawyer will determine whether they believe you have sufficient grounds to make a claim against your employer. If we believe you have a strong case we will accept your claim and pursue appropriate damages and compensation for you.

Because we are personal injury claims specialists we are best placed to process your claim quickly and with minimal inconvenience to you, getting you the treatment and compensation you deserve.

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