Whether on a building site, in a factory or an office there is a risk of fire or an explosion. This may be caused due to poorly wired equipment which has not been adequately checked or maintained. Other injuries arise where employers have not issued and followed guidelines on the storage or handling of flammable products or compressed gases.

Gas explosions are caused by an ignition source coming into contact with a gas leak. Gas can be a silent killer, filling an area with flammable chemicals. Once ignited the resulting explosion can be deadly . These incidents can result in a great number of injuries, including burns that can result in extensive pain and even death.

Electric shock occurs when the body comes into contact with an electric current. The injury is dependent upon the current, the voltage and duration of shock and can cause internal injury, muscular spasm and a cardiac arrest. Workers on a construction site are at risk of experiencing electric shock whenever they are exposed to machines or cables which carry electric current. Specific safety procedures should always be followed to avoid complications including internal injury, muscular spasm, respiratory arrest, and cardiac arrest.

If you have been injured as a result of a burn or an electrical shock then we can provide expert and free legal advice.

We also advise client's where they have been exposed to harmful and dangerous substances. . If in contact with chemicals the injury maybe short term damages such as irritation and burns however they can also cause serious health problems such as asthma and cancer. If you work with or are exposed to harmful and dangerous substances whilst at work then you are at risk of sustained some form of ill health if your employers do not provide you with the relevant training, safety equipment or try to eliminate your exposure where possible to the substances. We have a team of lawyers who specialize in such claims.

It is not just people who work in factories who are at risk from ill health. Hairdressers or their customers can become ill from the chemicals they use in some of their hair dye products and woodworkers who are continually exposed to dusty air can develop breathing problems and more seriously lung disease.

Unfortunately injuries caused by fire, electricity and chemicals can be extremely painful so we will work with medical professionals to ensure you receive the correct treatment whilst our personal injury compensation specialist will ensure you receive 100% of the compensation you deserve.

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