Accidents on construction sites happen all too often, despite strict guidelines from the Health and Safety Executive. If you have an accident on a construction site you should talk to one of our work place accident specialists at Edwards Hoyle. They will be able to advise you, free of charge, whether you should pursue compensation from the party at fault, whether that is your employer, the site owner, or whoever is responsible for the safe running of the site.

The construction industry is vital for our country, but it carries high levels of risk, in particular where a number of contractors are working on a particular site, each engaged in different tasks, creating a challenging project management agenda.

In Britain site safety is taken very seriously and the duty of care of a site owner or operator is considerable. Their responsibilities extend to include the organisation of a site, and that may be as much about keeping people out when the site is closed as it is about keeping you safe at work.

Unfortunately accidents happen still, and when heavy machinery and equipment, working at height and demolition are involved an accident can be serious, potentially meaning that you are unable to work again for some time, or at all.

What can I claim for if I have a construction site accident?

If you're involved in a construction site accident we'll help you to claim appropriate damages to cover loss of earnings, any injuries you may have sustained, and other additional expenses that have happened as a result of your injuries such as immediate, or ongoing medical care, changes to your home or car and care for those who depend upon you.

How can Edwards Hoyle help me?

Our specialists are experts in work place accidents and they are there to help you get your life back to normal. We will talk through your situation with you, accepting your case provided we believe you have a strong call for compensation. Once the party at fault has accepted responsibility we'll arrange for you to get the medical help you need to recover and rehabilitate following your accident, from private consultants if necessary. If you need to incur any expenses as a result of the incident be sure to keep a record of these along with receipts.

We understand that an accident can not only mean pain and inconvenience, it can put an emotional strain on you and your family. Our specialists will do all they can to take the pressure from you and help you get your life back to normal quickly, with the minimum of inconvenience.

With Edwards Hoyle you'll receive 100% of any compensation award: When we accept your case we will protect you from any costs with an insurance we take out against losing your case, and you will receive 100% of any damages you are awarded. Our costs will be covered by the party at fault when compensation is awarded or settled out of court.

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Mr Stone was very thorough in explaining details to me throughout this matter, making it easy to understand what was happening and how he was proceeding at all times...very professional and helpful.Mr Robert Charlton
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