Thinking of making a claim following an injury at work?

An accident at work can be very stressful; it can result in significant injuries, time off work and therefore a loss of earnings and other associated expenses.

An accident at work can happen in a number of different circumstances. It can be the fault of an employer for failing to provide relevant training or work equipment but can also cover incidents that have been caused by another member of staff.

If you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident at work, you may feel reluctant to bring a claim for many reasons. Understandably, you may be worried about losing your job, or being treated differently by your employer as a result of bringing a claim.

You may also be worried that your employer cannot afford to pay you compensation, or that bringing a claim will complicate your working relationship with your employer or other members of staff. In fact, accidents at work and the compensation claims which follow are common.

Whether your work environment is an office, a building site or your company vehicle, your employer is obliged to have employer's liability insurance which will cover the claim, and the case will be dealt with by your employer's insurance company.

As regards losing your job or being victimised, there are laws in place to prevent your employer from treating you unfairly because you are pursuing a legitimate legal action against them. Your employer is under a duty to provide a workplace which is safe, secure and competently staffed.

As well as this, they should provide you with adequate equipment and materials, and provide a safe system of work with appropriate supervision and training. Additionally, employers have to comply with health and safety legislation.

Employers who breach their duties and do not follow such provisions are breaking the law and putting the health and safety of you and your colleagues at risk. Bringing a claim against your employer may urge them to take the steps needed to prevent such accidents happening again in the future.

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